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Experience one whole day of risk-free trading

Did you know that every 5th person in the world receives additional income by trading in financial markets? Modern investors don’t put on expensive suits and go to a stock exchange carrying extensive financial knowledge. With electronic trading being on the rise and all the information you might need being just one click away nearly anyone can trade shares, indices, currency pairs and binary options from the comfort of one’s own home.

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Why now is the high time to start trading Binary Options?

Đơn vị tiền tệ
Công cụ Bid Ask Spread Percentage
BTCUSD 6385,445 6498,225 11278.1 -2.81%
ETHUSD 202,040 205,880 384.1 -56.90%
ETHBTC 0,04493 0,04625 13.3 -36.52%
LTCUSD 52,93325 53,81975 8865.0 -35.20%
LTCBTC 0,00828 0,00934 10.7 -30.60%
ETHLTC 5,11692 5,22751 1105.9 -8.18%
DSHBTC 0,02318 0,02578 26.1 -34.65%
Công cụ Bid Ask Spread Percentage
EURUSDe 1,15792 1,15799 0.8 -1.12%
GBPUSDe 1,32134 1,32143 0.9 -0.16%
AUDCADe 0,92380 0,92396 1.7 -5.19%
NZDUSDe 0,65860 0,65875 1.5 -2.79%
EURJPYe 129,917 129,932 1.5 -1.19%
EURCHFe 1,14601 1,14612 1.2 -1.78%
USDRUB 65,190 65,690 50.0 +4.62%
USDCNY 6,90880 6,91420 54.0 +3.02%
Công cụ Bid Ask Spread Percentage
#AA 35,57 35,60 0.4 -23.93%
#CSCO 45,07 45,08 0.1 +7.39%
#MCD 164,01 164,05 0.5 +3.67%
#MSFT 109,24 109,26 0.3 +3.52%
#APPLE 217,05 217,06 0.1 +13.27%
#FORD 8,74 8,74 0.0 -20.11%
#TESLA 267,95 268,11 1.7 -13.87%

Currency exchange rates are changing every day. If you know that let’s say, dollar is now on the rise, you can make money on that! All you need is to make a prediction about the price movement.

Do you want to become a real trader and earn more than your full-time job pays you? Then make this simple step:

Register Option account with Grand Capital “Whole day of risk-free trading” program and start trading Binary Options today!


What is an Option account?

Options account is a live account for trading Binary Options. To place a trade you just need to choose a currency pair, make a prediction about the price movement (up or down), choose the expiration time (starting from 2 minutes) and push “Open a new order” button.


What is «Whole day of risk-free trading»?

Grand Capital compensates the full amount of funds lost during one day of trading. The compensation can be requested every month by any client of Grand Capital.

How much can you earn with one trade?

  • 86%return for EUR/USD pair
  • 444%return with Express Options

  • 406%return with Express Options


How to start trading Binary Options?

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    Step 1

    Register (Make sure to provide real information about yourself so you can withdraw your profit)

  • image/svg+xml

    Step 2

    Create Option account in your Personal Account and deposit any amount starting from $50.

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    Step 3

    Launch Web-Terminal, choose an asset, set the expiration time (starting from 2 minutes) and place the trade (minimum investment amount is $10)

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    You’ve just made your first step on the way to become a real investor!

    If you have any questions contact our customer support by LiveChat or by email info@grandcapital.net

How to receive your compensation?

If any of your trades resulted in a loss of funds, send a request from your Private Account stating the day you wish to receive the compensation for. The whole amount will be then deposited to your account automatically. Please mind that the compensation can only be requested once a month. Also, at least one deposit for any amount of funds should be made during that month.

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